An inclusive electronic musical instrument.

For musicians, for education, for music therapy. Discover how everyone can make music.

Music Accessible For All

V5.1 & V5.2

Making Music Accessible

How to play Omniphone?

Omniphone is a very low threshold instrument. Thanks to its touch sensing technology, the simple proximity of a hand starts to trigger sound. It is very easy to get started with Omniphone but it also offers challenges to master. Check the instruction manual in Instructions to get started!

The texture and engraving on the instrument encourage to play with touch. Light signals and vibration feedback add even more dimensions to the experience.

One advantage of using recycled plastic is to obtain a sturdy and hygienic material. Omniphone is easy to clean and disinfect but also light and transportable.

V5.2 and V5.1

Materials and Sustainability

3D printing recycled plastics

Omniphone was developed with sustainability in mind. The first prototypes were 3D printed out of recycled PETG filament. There are many other possibilities such as bio plastics, CNC wood, and so on. Stay tuned for our open source 3D files in DIY Documenttation to try your own ideas.


Music therapy

Make an Expressive and Therapeutic Activity

Omniphone was developed in collaboration with a care institute for handicapped people. Thus it is very suitable as a tool for Music Therapy or relaxation. Omniphone was tested successfully with diverse people with many different abilities. Do you want to know more about how you can organize an activty with Omniphone? Take a look at the instruction manual!

We particularly enjoy initiating Jam Sessions with our participants as a bonding activity. Music can be a language easier than words.


Exciting Diverse Sounds

With Omniphone you can shuffle through 7 different tone sets and 3 different sound colors. And with the open source software, the sky is the limit!

Battery Powered Device

Take Omniphone wherever you go and simply charge it with a USB charger. With the jack connector you can record or make music with headphones!

Light, Compact and Transportable

Omniphone has an inbuilt speaker, weighs less than a kilo and measures 22cm by 22cm on the floor and 17cm high. It easily fits in a backpack!

Creative Commons License

This design is registered under the Creative Commons Attribution and ShareAlike license @ Arvid&Marie 2020

Accessible Music for all!

What Our Participants are Saying





“Zo mooi…”

“So Beautiful….”


“Ik will hem meenemen.”

“I want to take it home.”

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